Sean Cody wrote:
Hal was the scrawny tall guy in school that did not get a lot of attention — at least that is what he said. He has gone through a transformation recently... a "bulking up stage" as he called it.
"So this is your definition of bulking up?" I asked as he took his clothes off. "You look pretty cut for being in the 'bulking up' stage."
"Well, naturally I am very skinny," he said. "I weighed 130 pounds when I first graduated and now I'm at 175. I think that is pretty bulk."
"Whoa! How tall are you?"
"I'm 5'11..."
"...And you weighed 130 pounds?" I asked in disbelief.
"On a good day. Honestly. I was a scrawny little kid."
That's pretty surprising, but he looks great now! He has crystal blue eyes, full lips, a solid chest with perfect nipples, a meaty butt, balls that would hang nicely into any mouth, and a big cock!