Collin Thomas


From Randy Blue:
Collin Thomas has the most incredible pair of baby blue eyes. He could seduce anyone with them. But it's almost a waste. Once he flashes his massive guns you forget all about his eyes or his soft blond buzzcut or any of the other little details that make up his boyishly handsome face. His biceps are enough to make you sport a woody but when you get a look at this smooth muscular jock's torso and amazing bubble butt you'll be ready to give it up in seconds. And the thing that is so striking is that while all of his six foot tall body is covered in big hard muscle, he's also softly rounded. So really, he's got the best of both worlds. You want to pound his ass, or have him pound yours, and then have him wrap all that muscle and flesh around you and cuddle in the sloppy sweaty mess you've both just made. He's a big sports fan and loves to play football. ...