The Young Physque November 1963

That looks like body builder Hector Ramon on the cover, November 1963.  This cover photo certainly shows off Hector's rock-hard chest and those amazing arms, but that blue towel or sheet or whatever it is covering his crotch area just doesn't seem very natural--with him posing out in the great outdoors?  But this was 1963, and magazines like The Young Physique were showing off men as best they could.  This issue would have put you back quite a bit-$2 back then.  It may have been a celebration of grand human achievement in bodybuilding, but here at VGMH we view it as a slice of mouthwatering beefcake.  Young Physique was from Body Builder Publications, who also gave us Muscle Builder, Demi-Gods, and Mr. America. Many of the models were straight guys accomplished in the field of bodybuilding.   The Young Physique featured male muscle beauty to the point of even including a centerfold (with a young model wearing a posing pouch).