Pledge Watchers (Part 6 end of series)

Why that smile on his face?  It looks like Mark's blown every cock at school-not to mention taking himself solo to a climax three additional times.   A true trooper, Mark is ready for even more pants snakes as he invites the two last gents to also say hello to his tonsils.  It looks like Mark is going to fit into the fat house after all! 

The theme of fraternity house sexual servants in smut has been popular for a long time (in literature, photographs and films) and continues to draw upon male sexual fantasies.  There are several porn sites themed specifically to fraternity men and pledges.

Actual accounts of frat house hazings including homosexual acts between pledges and house brothers were onetime only gossip traded among college friends and, as we've seen here, the stuff of porn fantasies.  But things changed as news reports of actual 'sexual hazing' rituals gone wrong made headlines over a decade ago.  Sometimes they had strong homosexual overtures (including drinking beer run down the naked backs and ass cracks of other frat men, and 'hot dog and buns' where the pledges would have to stick a hot dog between their own buns and go further to insert the hot dog into their own ass as frat brothers cheered on) emerged and school regulators were forced to take action and not look the other way any longer.