Vintage Summer Lust

The year was 1985 and Playguy magazine was showing off two handsome men at the beach.  Well, perhaps to be a little more precise about it, it looks like they were showing off the sex package of one of the men, as his thick, compact and hairy cock looks to be the star of the show.  The Kristen Bjorn photo shoot also gives us plenty of views of his friend's buns which is nice, complete with tan line.  Bjorn videos were very hot back then.  His use of masculine Brazilian men who were classically beautiful to look at, high production values, and dreamy settings (like this one) were appreciated by viewers, in contrast to many of the cheaply-produced grainy videos that were being pumped out for distribution by others in the business.  Bjorn worked with amateur models (rather than with porn stars) with fresh faces. In his early films, many of his men identified themselves as heterosexual.  Another one of this all-time classics was 1985's The Boys From Rio, which also generated a 1985 magazine spread  which remains very popular on the internet to this very day.  Stay tuned for more about that.
The photo above is VGMH's favorite of this set. It may be too-posed and forced, but his cock looks like it's really been splashing about in the cold salty ocean sea and his ball sack is nice and tight.  Playguy magazine was not as easy to find at mainstream news counters in comparison to Playgirl and Playboy.  It was established in 1976.