Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon's practically bouncing right out of his big pouch with enthusiasm and sportsman gusto!  It's nice to see that those firm white buns have been gently protected from the California sunshine (courtesy of some swim trunks that were much more modest than what he wore for this photo shooting).  Reported to have served in the U.S. Air Force, Peter became an accomplished body builder who also went by the last name of Pendleton.  Interestingly, it's reported that his brother was also a physique model who went by the names of Sandy Gordon and Hugh Pendleton.  The brothers both posed for Spartan.  Gentleman from across the country who appreciated the sport of fencing could lick a stamp, drop in $2.50 and send it to Spartan Box 16905 West Branch, Los Angeles 46, California.  In return, they would receive twelve nifty borderless matt prints back in the mail.