Have you heard the one about two Sailors and a Girl...

Our mystery smut star is sitting on the right-side in these screen captures from an early black and white sex scene.  So much for fancy sets!  No need to get your hopes up for what comes next between these two handsome young men, because this is a straight flick.

Both of these New York guys worked in legitimate acting roles and drifted into performing in smut films during the 1970s.  Our straight mystery man (right side of couch) began making porn in about 1973, and his looks certainly are perfect for the era with that mop of curly hair and ultra-thick moustache.  The man sitting next to him (left side of couch) is openly bisexual actor Jamie Gillis.  Here, Gillis and our mystery stud appear to be enjoying an African American female.  While we'll identify the name of this handsome male star in the next post, sorry to the VGMH follower who first asked about him, but based on everything on the Internet, he appears to be heterosexual.  Luckily, like other straight male stars of smut, we still get to enjoy watching him naked and aroused by his lady friends!