Cameron was a Texas native and proved that the old saying 'everything is big in Texas' is sometimes true, when he entered the gay porn industry around 1999 at the age of 22. Still boyishly young and hunky like a football player earlier in his career, Cameron only looked better as he aged. Words used to describe his performances on film include 'virile' and 'seductive'. The actor (real name Shane Eugene Davis) left the business in 2006. Sadly, it's reported that he passed away June 12th at the age of 36.

Among his more famous adult roles, Cameron played the younger man in Father Figure 2 and a hunk looking for romance in The Bachelor. He also graced the pages of Men (October 2002), Manshots (March 2001) and Freshman (June 2000) among other magazines. He enjoyed a big fan club of men (a popular fan request was for a molded dildo replica of his cock) and performed in the TV series Wet
Palms between 2005-2006 in which he played the role of Dirk Beckendorf.  We welcome here to VGMH as a part of gay media history.

"Wet Palms" TV series in 2005-06 in which he played the role of Dirk Beckendorf. - See more at: