Bonus Swimsuit Stud!

Francesco, Francesco, Francesco.  We saved him for his very own swimsuit post for several reasons.  Reason #1 is that he really packs a lot of D'Macho into those white shorts.  It's reported that Francesco was born in 1979 in Italy.  By 2008, he had launched his own film studio Stag Homme Studios in partnership with Damien Crosse.  In June 2009, he and Crosse celebrated their Madrid Spain wedding ceremony.
Which brings us to reason #2: In the opinion of VGMH, there is just something about this square-faced beefy Italian hunk which draws a striking resemblance to a vintage erotic cartoon character who's appeared in many smut sketches which we've paid homage to here in the past.  Of course we know that the two have nothing in common, but judge for yourself how similar they appear---That's an original vintage artwork on the left (below) with its muscle-bound cocksman.  And that's an image of real-life Francesco on the right.  Amazing coincidence!