Sean Cody wrote:
Mitchell has been traveling recently — Florida, Las Vegas and even Australia for a wrestling tour. He seemed very excited about his adventures, and I could tell he'd love to have some more. Judging by the tan he had, I'd say he spent a good share of his time running around half naked. He admits to being an easy-to-please, no-stress-in-life kind of guy.
"I enjoy manual labor, digging holes, what not."
"Does masturbation count as manual labor?" I asked.
"I suppose it could," he smiled.
It's always when the clothes come off that the quiet ones come alive. I could see why he'd make a good wrestler — he's muscular and strong, and he's packing a nice set of hairy balls that would fit nicely into a singlet!
The big surprise with Mitchell was when he came... he's a gusher! The first shot flew over his head, the second got him in the eye, and then he just kept cumming!